Professor of Medicine. Director of the Vascular Medicine and Metabolism Unit. University
Hospital “Sant Joan”. IISPV. CIBERDEM. Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Reus. Spain.

Born in Barcelona. He obtained his MD degree in 1976 at Barcelona Autonomous University. .
PhD (1980) at Barcelona Autonomous University. Thesis title: HDL and disease. Specialist in
Internal Medicine (Valle Hebron Hospital-Barcelona) (1981). Post doc in Lipid Metabolism
Disturbances (1983-1984). Saint Thomas Hospital Medical School-London. Chemical Pathology
Department (Prof Barry Lewis): “Lipoprotein kinetics and LDL receptors”. Director of the “Lipid
and Arteriosclerosis Research Unit” and Head of “Vascular Medicine and Metabolism Unit”:
Saint Joan University Hospital. Reus: (Since 1985). Full Professor of Medicine. Rovira I Virgili
University: (1991). Director of Research: Saint Joan University Hospital. Reus: (Since 2009).
President of the Spanish Arteriosclerosis Society (2000-2004). Member of the Executive
Committee of European Atherosclerosis Society (2009-2011). Author of more than 300
research publications (PubMed: Masana L). Director of more than 30 PhD projects.
Fields of interest: Lipoproteins and vascular diseases, diabetes, obesity. Genetic
hyperlipidemias. Fatty acid transporters. New metabolic and cardiovascular risk markers.


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