EAS WEBINAR on the Lp(a) consensus document – Greece

Lp(a) in ASCVD and Aortic Valve Stenosis

Date: March 2023
Language: Greek
Session Chairs: Prof Alexandros Tselepis & Prof Haralampos Milionis
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Introduction – EAS Lp(a) consensusProf Alexandros Tselepis
Major determinants of Lp(a) plasma levelsProf Loukianos Rallidis
Mechanisms underlying Lp(a) implication in atherogenesis and aortic valve stenosisProf Alexandros Tselepis
Independent Association of Lp(a) with Aortic valve stenosis and ASCVD outcomes in the primary and secondary prevention settingsProf Evangelos Liberopoulos
Targeting Lp(a) in ASCVD risk reduction. Current status and novel therapeutic approachesProf Haralampos Milionis

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